What Is Garden Grown Beauty?

Think of it as classic — with a twist!

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The Reviews Are In!

  • "Just washed this mask off and I can't stop touching my face — I feel exfoliated and hydrated at the same time. Skin glow and feels plump. V. into it."

    Allison, 31

  • "I'm not sure what kind of magic you guys put in there, but my skin feels tighter, clearer and brighter after using [the Turkish Coffee 3-in-1 Mask.] I just feel so hydrated. I didn't even put on moisturizer afterwards."

    Alexa, 29

  • "My psoriasis has been acting up since we've gone on lockdown. I got recommendations from my term and nothing helped. I decided to give this a a shot and omg my psoriasis's gone. Overnight! I can't wait to tell the world about this miracle mask!"

    Kathryn, 36

  • "I'm not trying to blow smoke up your butt to anything, but this sleep mask is THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO MY SKIN! You saved my skin from maskne!"


  • "You do not understand. My skin was red, irritated, dry, oily...all at the same time. The stress of the pandemic has wreaked havoc on my skin. The Moroccan Chamomile Sleeping mask saved me in one night. My skin is even, smooth and it's not dry anymore. And the smell is to die for! I need more — NOW!!!"

    Doris, 33