The Story of Us

testament beauty founder sophia chabbott portrait

We Believe in Radiance At Every Age

After decades as an editor at publications such as Glamour and WWD,  I found the skincare category had become oversaturated and overcomplicated with so many products, options and exotic ingredients...even I got lost in it. Knowing I wasn't alone in navigating this more and more confusing world of skincare — I decided to go back home.
Testament Beauty is about going back to your roots.
I was inspired by the lessons passed down from my Grandma Frieda, from using rosewater as a toner and blending different oils to apply to the skin. Our formulas are centered around simple garden-grown, skin-loving ingredients that are familiar, efficacious and reveal your natural radiance at every age. Think of it as the Mediterranean Diet…for your face.
I hope you enjoy our products and that you'll keep in touch. I'm here for any questions you have, email

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