Skincare Meets Coffee: Ouri’s and Testament Beauty Launch Innovative Smoothie in NYC

Skincare Meets Coffee: Ouri’s and Testament Beauty Launch Innovative Smoothie in NYC

Temps are slated to hit 90 degrees today in New York City and it’s safe to say that iced coffee season is in full swing. But what if your iced coffee could do more — say, give your skin a gorgeous glow?

Enter our new collaboration, the Ouri’s x Testament Beauty Smoothie. We partnered with Ouri’s Gourmet Market, often referred to as “the Erewhon of the East,” to create a delicious summer smoothie inspired by our best-selling Turkish Coffee 3-in-1 Mask.

“Testament Beauty is centered on the Mediterranean Diet for your face, with whole, garden-grown ingredients that make your skin look its best,” said our founder, Sophia Chabbott. “Our partnership with Ouri’s shares the same principles, except now the focus is skincare from the inside out.”

The topical benefits of the Turkish Coffee 3-in-1 Mask are numerous — moisture-boosting cacao, conditioning avocado, and gently exfoliating coffee seeds, to name a few — the Ouri’s x Testament Beauty Smoothie aims to bolster even the most flawless of skincare routines.

What's inside? To start, a shot of Ouri's famous espresso, followed by cacao nibs, avocado, coconut cream, almond butter, banana, almond milk, collagen (a go-to for improving skin elasticity and increasing hydration!) and a sprinkle of coconut flakes to top it all off. 

"Every single time someone tries the Turkish Coffee Mask, they gush about the smell and ask if the mask is safe to eat," said our founder. "Now they finally can — sort of!"

The smoothie is available exclusively at Ouri’s kosher markets in Manhattan and Deal, N.J. locations beginning June 18.

Perfect for the bustling life of New Yorkers, this collaboration highlights a new era where beauty and nutrition are not only accessible but deliciously enjoyable!

— Diane Azrak

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